I specialize in creating digital content of all forms, branding (including naming) and DTP, with particular emphasis on high-impact motion, post-production processes, and strategic content. Today, more often, I’m responsible in overseeing original concepts, team management, and post-production delivery, rather than for a look of a single element. I'm a story-teller to the core.

Out of conceptual tasks, I love the creative process and the steps of completion. I'm equally passionate about UX/UI,  that enables my internal psychology to step outside the box, knowing where to step, by experience, to improve conversion or sale through a given channel. I guess you could call me a "thorough story-teller".
You have decided that it’s worth employing me or creating something interesting with me?
Rather than filling out some contact form, just call me @ 949 590 0214. Conversations are the best!
Or, if being stealth is your mode of operation, email me at: christianserge13 at gmail.com
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